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April - 2021

Chairman's Message

Dato' Arshad, Chairman

Dato' Arshad, CEO


IIC is an organization that aims to bring about economic development through its various initiatives. Its primary focus is to address the future needs of the world. With the world population now exceeding 7 billion and with the depletion of natural resources and the growing disparity between the rich and the poor we are faced with enormous challenges to feed the world's inhabitants. Providing food for the people is a major priority for us: that includes the governments, international agencies & institutions and corporate bodies.

The next priority is the productive use of land & natural resources. And the third priority is to engage in economic activities with different communities especially the rural poor and the poorest of the poor.

IIC with its consortium of collaborating partners with a global outlook acts as a vehicle to achieve the desired aims. It is our desire to bring opportunities directly to the people without competing with the governments or international institutions. In fact, we would like to work in concert with them and bring about positive results in spite of the challenges. We would take a middle-of-the-road approach and work to bring about progress to the communities everywhere with our own programs.

Governments in many developing countries have limited finances to provide for infrastructure development and agro-business development. The rural community needs motivation, knowledge, financial back-up and buy-back security. They need access to markets and this can be achieved via corporate entities and co-operatives.

We at IIC intend to facilitate infrastructure development through smart partnerships. It is our strategy to bring a balanced-form of development to the whole country and narrow the differences between the centre and the periphery. Too much of emphasis is made to developing the centre and neglecting the rural areas which needs urgent attention. By bringing resources and development to the rural population we can address the problem of over-population in the cities, thereby reducing rural-urban migration and providing the people food and products at affordable prices. With a progressive business model that includes contract farming and social entrepreneurship we believe this would generate great interest amongst the rural populace.

An injection of say 50 million dollars in foreign investment may attract another 50 million of local funds which may trigger various business start-ups. The foreign investors would bring in the required expertise and support including a "buy-back" system, thus providing the critical access to markets through their network. This would further encourage, motivate and attract local investment and put it to productive use which otherwise would remain idle or dormant in the hands of potential investors.


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    Head of Infrastructure Team
    IR Mohamed Shafii Bin Haji Mustafa
    No. 1, Floor 13, Tower C, Wisma Goshen, Plaza Pantai 5, Persiaran Pantai Baru Off Jalan Pantai Baru 59200 Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
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